freeform crochet technique guide

freeform crochet technique guide


my first ever guide is finally here!! so excited to share this with you <3

About the guide:
This is a guide for a freehand technique, so will not be describing stitch by stitch how to make a garment. Rather, it will explain in depth (with photos and charts) how to create the freeform stitch pattern to make a sample flat panel, followed by multiple pages of info on how to use the stitch to make a garment to fit you. This will include how to make a low-back top, and how to create a yoke to make a top-down garment.

Because this is not a stitch-by-stitch pattern, it is expected that you will make a practice swatch to learn the technique before embarking on making a garment.

Recommended materials:
The example is worked with two colours of DK merino yarn and a 4mm hook. However, you can use any yarn you have on hand to work through the swatch. There is a page on how to choose your yarn and hook sizes, and the effect that your choice will create.

Recommended knowledge:
Chain stitch, half double crochet (US terminology), foundation single crochet
Increases and decreases
Beginner/intermediate confidence with crochet

This is a digital pattern not a full finished object. Due to the nature of the product, I do not accept refunds, but if you have an issue, please message me.

After payment, a download link to the guide will be emailed to you (so make sure your email is correct)! The file is large (40mb) and can only be downloaded once, so DO NOT click on the link if you aren't ready to download!!!! Please make sure that you're connected to good wifi or have excellent coverage.

a couple of reviews from testers :)
"I haven't crocheted in years and never have been able to follow a pattern for the life of me, but I think I can actually do this! As someone who physically cannot focus on a pattern, it's perfect. The visuals help immensely."
"Love the well-detailed and lovely illustrations on how to start off the branch and bud motifs. Think a beginner of free form will probably be able to understand."
"This is too much fuuun! Instructions and visuals are very clear to me and feel like I was able to pick it up real quick."

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